*** YOGAPLEX YOGA SCHOOL April 2016 at Magpie House Upwey Victoria Australia: ***

Yogaplex Yoga School Classes Teacher Training Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Victoria Australia
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Term 2 2016 Monday 11th April to Sunday 26th June - 11 week term =

TERM 2 SUPER-SPECIAL for NEW STARTERS, just $30 for 30 days UNLIMITED! Please Spread The Word, our best ever special.

$23 Casual.
$100 5-Class Pass.
$200 One Class per Week, with $20 casual for extra classes (11 term classes).
$320 Twice per week, Great Value! (22 term classes).
$360 UNLIMITED TERM, up to 8 classes per week. (up to 88 term classes).
Join Anytime, Bookings Essential, book 03 9752 5838 or email gneo@yogaplex.com.au

During School Holidays, Classes are generally Thursdays 7pm Only.

*** Personal Development Yoga Teacher Training Now Booking, Click Here or see below. ***

Yoga Classes Hatha Naturally Hot Yoga Power Ashtanga with Iyengar Precision serving Yarra Ranges, Knox, Upwey, Belgrave, Boronia, Bayswater, Ferntree Gully & surrounding areas.

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Gentle, Caring & Experienced Classes for ALL levels, plus Yoga Therapy to address almost all ailments. Private sessions available.

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SOME TESTIMONIALS (more further below) =

"I am very interested in doing a teacher training programme with you, as I believe you are the best in Victoria. If you may be interested I would be honoured to have you as my teacher." Belinda February 2014

"I'm so glad to have found your hidden treasure of a yoga studio, so wonderfully placed amongst the fresh air up in the hills!" Demi June 2012

"Only been practicing seriously for this term. George is a fantastic teacher, challenges you to go further & deeper. Will continue a life long practice." Kate Dec 2012

"George thank you for beautiful yoga workshop. The best Yoga ever. Very good combine with saturday double session. Great feel in spine & chest release." Rudolf Dec 2012

"Awesome place that you don't have to travel to Byron Bay for." Kirsten November 2011

Past Events Only are shown below.

Weekend Yoga Retreat 5-6 December 2015 at mystery rainforest location:
CLICK HERE to view a 3-minute Tame-Gentle sequence in fast motion.
CLICK HERE to view 5 minutes of Advanced Practice in slow & fast motion.
CLICK HERE to view 5 minutes of philosophy from 2012: Crossing Over.
CLICK HERE to view the entire 2012: Crossing Over. movie with over 1 million YouTube hits!

Secure a place NOW at this sensational Yoga Retreat 5th December! Includes =
* Vegie meals & one night accomodation, minimal price & close to Melbourne.
* Walking & Guided Meditations.
* 5 acre bushwalk, visit & walk the 80 metre Meditation Tree!
* "Power of Silence" study/practice.
* Swim!
* Lunge Sequence & Child Variations feature deep self-guided intensity to significantly improve "advanced" practice, also suits "beginners"!
* Established students & Teachers will benefit.

Naturally Hot Yoga & Event pamphlet for Jan 2016, & AUSTRALIA DAY event: (more details below)
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Yoga Festival Sunday 25th October in Abbotsford: (past event)
CLICK HERE to view www.evolveyogafestival.com.au .
CLICK HERE for our Meetup promotion of this event. Visit our festival stall!

Current Events May 2015:
* The MIND-BODY CONNECTION Movie, Discover the Remarkable Link! Saturday 23rd May 2015 from 6pm. *
* Warrior Dance Yoga Weekend at Magpie House Upwey Friday-Sunday 22-24 May 2015 *

MIND-BODY CONNECTION Movie, Food to Share + Sitar Recital Sat'day 23rd May 2015 from 6pm. REMARKABLE true stories to Change our Mind & Change our Health. How meditation enhances immune system & brain structure to help with anxiety, focus & attention. Modest note donation. Book 9752 5838 or email gneo@yogaplex.com.au .

Mind-Body Connection Movie Trailer, Click Here.

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Yoga Retreat Weekend 2-3 May 2015, Upwey then Warburton at
Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Meetup Event Yoga Retreat.
All Levels are Welcome.
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NEW! for 2015: MMM ... MEDITATION &
MIND OVER MATTER Study Group, 4 - 6pm Saturdays.

Begins Saturday 7th February 4pm. Take a magical inner journey, quieten the Internal Dialogue with Magical Passes philosophy & practice. Try not to miss this crucial first session offered as By Donation, others follow at a yoga class price. Complementing our "moving meditation" Hatha Yoga practice, develop skills to quieten the Internal Dialogue, let's face it, we're ALWAYS talking to ourselves & this is almost always "False". Or, whenever our journey is overwhelming, it's "False Evidence Appearing Real", for we exist beyond the realm that seems to be "unsafe" to live in. So What is Real?

"The subconscious mind is like a genie that serves up reality around you based on your expectation or what you think this reality should be." OCCOULIA Secret of Secrets - Moorpheus El

Experience your very own Holographic Disclosure with George Neo! Based on over 30 years study, practice & experience, we will study some of the most inspiring texts of all time (of this humanity at least). And yes, we'll be taking conceptual notes we can practice in our daily life & meditations, turning Thoughts into Words & eventually Deeds, fulfilling the 3 essential Tools of Creation.

Discover the "True" meaning of Asana, it's not just exercise! Why Saturday for Meditation, & our Spiritual Cinema & Discussion at 7:30pm? Saturdays are seen as "Party" night, well, here's a way to have a GREAT time without the peer-pressure of in-toxic-ation, ingesting substances we were NEVER supposed to ingest! Try not to miss any of these meditation sessions to retain continuity, & don't miss the first session.

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Past Events:
_ _ _ _ _ _

YOGAPLEX YOGA SCHOOL WORKSHOP Sunday 26th October 2014 9am - 1pm (4 hours) -
Experiential Lightness of Being =

Recent Padmasana Yoga Demo http://youtu.be/OT9M0zPmlQk, Click here


Unique & original vinyasa flow, try the pictured Child Pose variation. Super Hip-Restorative shown here, combining deep hip flexion & external rotation. Bookings 03 9752 5838 or email reply. Plus deeply restorative guided meditation & Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep).

A unique blend of lunge practice that can dramatically improve full Ashtanga Vinyasa poses with deep controlled intensity, & the super-restorative value of child-pose variations to soothe & restore an intensely worked body, mind & spirit in ways never before presented outside of Yogaplex Yoga School in Upwey. Teachers & Established Yoga students will benefit.

The unique approach avoids many of the issues & injuries that yoga students aspire to overcome, & can be a "fast-track" toward developing an advanced & safe core-strength practice. Therefore, ALL levels from beginner to advanced will benefit without "thrashing" the body with mindless over-intensity.

In our prior Magical Passes workshop, teachings advocate that in order to navigate safely into other dimensions, we have to be extremely sober, cautious, skillful, and in superb physical condition. Here is that opportunity.

Be amazed at the variety & scope of variations that are not just deeply restorative, but improve intensity for both beginners or advanced practice, the concepts are the same!

Vinyasa-lunge variations of basic standing poses that are self-adjusting & improve integrity of both regular & revolved asanas, such as this Parivrtta Parsvakonasana that is challenging to master. With "Experiential Oneness" registered Senior level Yoga Australia teacher George Neo, 20+ years experience. Namaste!

When: Sunday 26th October 2014 9am - 1pm (4 hours).
Where: Yogaplex Yoga School at Magpie House Wholistic Centre Upwey
Cost: $60 or concession
Contact: George Neo gneo@yogaplex.com.au

Super Hip-Restorative shown here, combining deep hip flexion & external rotation. Try it & see! And if it don't feel right, a uniquely advanced senior yoga teacher is advised!

Quality Yoga Supplies, please call 03 9752 5838 or email:
Highest quality lifetime mat same as my own but with pinholes for extra cushioning grip, mine is like me, improves with age! =

Or super eco-friendly 4mm Jute mats (or heavy duty 4.5mm 2.6kg 183cm black jute) =

Bolsters (or small bolster 58x17cm 1.8kg) =

Belt =

Blocks 225x150x75mm Orange (minimum 2) =

EXPERIENTIAL ONE-NESS Yoga Workshop, bookings essential!:


TESTIMONIALS & SINGING MEDITATION every 3rd Friday each month (not Dec-Jan) = _ _

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YOGAPLEX VIDEOS: (Please Pre-View Video, More Yoga Videos further below).
_ _
Meditation & Study _ _ _ _ _ _ _ BASIC YOGAPLEX WARRIOR DANCE (double speed) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hatha-Ashtanga Yoga

_ _
Basic Warrior Dance All Levels _ _ _ _ _ _ Handstand Salute _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Backbend Drop Back
_ _ _ ( ** Double Speed ** )_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fierce concentration _ _ _ _ _ _ Intensity of Physical/Mental Stability

_ _
Tittibhasan & Astavakrasan _ _ _ _ _ _ Eka Pada Sirsasana _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Urdhva Dhanurasana
Discipline invokes effortlessness _ _ _ _ Consistency yields results _ _ _ Body Stillness cultivates into Mind

Eka Pada Balance _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sirsasana
Meditation of the Body _ _ _ _ _ _ King of the Poses

_ _

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Yogaplex Yoga DVDs available to practice students.

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Sunday Morning Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshops & Classes. Please enquire about current schedule.

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# Meditation/Study now alternate Fridays #

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Re-scheduled for March or April 2011, please register interest on 03 9752 5838 or email



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*** Yogaplex Registered Intensive Teacher Training or Personal Development ***
* Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates Capoeira Timetable
* YogaPlex Poster Ashtanga Preparation yoga classes
* YogaPlex Weekend Yoga Retreats
* Streetwise Yoga Event aaaAAARRGGHH!!!!

* Past Wholistic Cinema Events
* Other Past Events (psychic, workshops, etc)

BENEFITS: Regular practice of Yoga improves circulation & resistance to illness by not only stimulating, massaging & stretching the muscular system, but the organs & glands as well. Strength & flexibility of the spinal column is emphasised contributing to a sense of well-being relieving neck & back problems. Yoga is recognised as one of the most powerful ways to ease stress & tension for both over-active types & those who are tired & lethargic, releasing energy in order to feel totally refreshed & revitalised after an hour's practice, better able to cope with life's issues.

DYNAMIC CLASSES: Embodies principles of Iyengar & Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga connecting series of scientifically selected postures with breath into dynamically challenging movement in meditation.

GENTLE/RESTORATIVE: Suits beginners, senior, pre-natal or those with special needs, exploding the myth of flexibility in order to do yoga. Also very useful restorative to the Dynamic class, hence the Special Offer that encourages this. FOR ALL: Similar to Gentle/Restorative blending tools for meditation, pranayama (breath control), relaxation & spirituality concepts.

YOGA FOR YOUTH: Nominally 5-17 years, a fun class also open to adults provided they behave themselves & don't disrupt riotous behaviour. Separate Teenager classes.

ADVANCED: By special arrangement for Yoga Practitioners & established students, can include full Ashtanga or other advanced series with greater emphasis on inversions, hand balances, twists, backbends & advanced pranayama & philosophy.

YOGA THERAPY & ONE-ON-ONE: Personal attention for virtually all ailments including elderly, disabled or chronic injury, or for enhancing personal progress toward advanced.

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...Advanced Hatha

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* Past Posters & Yoga Retreats Below *


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More retreats are scheduled, please contact centre.



** JOIN TERM ANYTIME ** - bookings essential! Click for * Timetable & * Poster

new ** YOGA-PILATES - core strength Yoga-wise Tuesdays 7pm **

Kids Yoga Class Tuesdays 4pm, behaving adults allowed, family rates. Teenagers Only Thursdays 4:30pm, concession rates.

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** The Streetwise event below is to be re-scheduled. **

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Vegetarian cafe shown below NOW OPEN!.

Fabulous outdoor vegie cafe garden area, suits functions & special events see below.

Magpie House Centre shown below.

Yoga/Dance/Activities room shown below.

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